Kassidy M Kearey – Renegade Folk Hero
Kassidy M Kearey – Renegade Folk Hero

Faster Than Light

FTL: Faster Than Light, is a space-ship management simulator that is widely referred to as “rogue-like” and has been gaining popularity recently, with good reason. You are at the helm of a Federation ship in possession of plans to save them from a rapidly approaching Rebel Fleet which is trying to catch up with you and stop you from getting to base. The game runs on Windows, Mac and Linux, and is available via GOG, Steam, or directly from the developers’ website linked above.

Each game starts you off with a ship and basic crew and equipment, and you have to fight your way through 8 sectors in space while deciding what systems to upgrade with scrap you collect from defeating enemies, how many beacons in the sector you explore (the more you explore, the more things you can potentially find, but keep an eye on your fuel else you’ll be stranded waiting for someone to drop by and help you), who you help and who you leave to the fate of deep space… there are a huge number of things to consider as you make your way to the Last Stand against the Rebel Fleet and their rather powerful flagship.

Because you start our every game from the start, there are no carry over upgrades, and every game is a new experience due to randomised space sectors. You can unlock additional ships, each of which have different starting equipment, crew and inclinations toward a certain type of gameplay (for example, the Engi ship Torus starts with an Ion Cannon and an anti-ship drone, leading you toward a less directly aggressive line of play).

Highly addictive and with great re-playability, for $9 you can’t go wrong, really.

Since I purchased it from the developer website, I got access to both the Linux version and a Steam key to download it to my main gaming PC at home, but since there is no cloud-save for stats and unlocked ships, only a file stored locally, I looked around for the easiest way to sync the two together, as it were. Partly following a guide here, this is what I did, using Dropbox as my method for storing the savegame and making it available between machines:

On my Windows box, I located the savegame folder and moved it to my Dropbox folder, then created a back-up copy in case everything went wrong. I then created a Junction Link under the directory in My Documents where the folder was previously to the new location under my Dropbox directory:

mklink /J "E:UsersKassidyDocumentsMy GamesFasterThanLight" "E:UsersKassidyDocumentsDropBoxFasterThanLight"

I did mess this up the first time and had to remove the link and recreate it. It’s very important to do this with the RMDIR command instead of DEL to avoid actually deleting the data that is behind the link.

Then on my Linux box, I removed the folder from its location under my home directory, and created a symlink from where that directory was to the Dropbox folder:

ln -s ~/Dropbox/FasterThanLight .local/share/FasterThanLight

Problem solved!


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