Kassidy M Kearey – Renegade Folk Hero
Kassidy M Kearey – Renegade Folk Hero

Sonic has left the datacentre

Expect the following to be disjointed and muddled…

A man of unsurpassed kindness, incredible intelligence, humour and talent, is no longer with us in body, but always will be in spirit. “… where he’s headed, the epic of Mahabharat does not tell…” Chris “Sonic” Fenton, a friend here at SpinVox, passed away this week.

I’m left contemplating on the fact that our jobs are always demanding us to rush along at 100 mph, and too many times this meant our conversations would have to end sooner than we’d like because we had to get back to work. But even in spite of this, Chris always had time to take out of his schedule to have a chat, work related or not, and always was a fountain of knowledge and thoughtfulness, willing to explain things an eighth time if I really didn’t get them at all.

I have fond memories of two Christmases ago, when him and Jimbo brought in their guitars to work, and were jamming downstairs in one of the meeting rooms, since there was no one around in the office. I dropped in and we hung out for a while. It was only until I mentioned to Chris that the action on his guitar looked a bit high that he said “you bastard, you never said you can play too, and here’s us making ourselves look silly messing around,” or words to that effect, all with his characteristic smile and light-hearted manner. I’ll miss the chance to jam with him more often.

In fact quite recently I missed the chance for another jamming session because I felt just too wiped out after Nightwatch.

I’ve been at rather a loss since I heard the news this afternoon just after I woke up when Barry called me. Sonic is the kind of guy you just cannot find anything bad to say about, and to that effect I have never heard anything said against him. He was just an all round great man, co-worker and friend, to whom no words can do justice. He is sorely missed, and a void has been left in this world.

– El Riñón (*)

(*) This was Sonic’s nickname for me, which means Kidney in Spanish. He liked the sound of the word for some reason he could never quite pinpoint.


Indeed, a friend and soldier Submitted by B on Thu, 24/12/2009 – 22:05.

Indeed, a friend and soldier in the battles we went through on a far to regular basis that I was more than happy to be alongside with, I always struggle to let my fallen friends, family and colleagues go and this will be be no easier of any I have lost in peace and war previously. Sonic fell into all three of those categories as I’m someone that feels blood doesn’t limit you to who you call family and having spent a lot of time and had many late night chats with him (a lot of them were with open heart and mind on subjects that I rarely share) I can honestly say he was someone that I can’t only call a ‘colleague’, he was one of those special people that went beyond just being a ‘mate’ you work with. I truely hope he is at peace and one day things will make sense to us that are still on this plane. Goodnight Sonic sir, time for me to go and try to settle the noise in my head a little


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