Kassidy M Kearey – Renegade Folk Hero
Kassidy M Kearey – Renegade Folk Hero

Re: A Departure

Beyond the Edge, clouds of grey dust began to settle behind the wake of the Shadow. It had danced with Death many times in the past, but now her partner was nowhere to be seen. Their bond severed by cruellest destiny, she gazed through the mists as they formed images of times past when the light fantastic and the thrill of the chase were never strangers.

In the distance, the laughter and voices of children echoed back and forth, running through the playground of infinity; snippets of speech seemed to come together to form the words “Daddy, toe it!” before they were sucked into the Void.

Silence fell. Darkness began to rise from all directions and engulf her, draining what little hope and happiness was left. As the last ounce of light was being snuffed from reality, Shadow caught the glimpse of a red flame in the distance.

“It’s not over yet.” The voice ripped the darkness apart, and she stumbled out, gasping for breath. As she recovered, the flame approached and stood before her, filling her with warmth, burning away the despair, and rekindling the hope that seemed lost. And although she was unsure what this being was, there was a familiar presence.

“Follow me, I’ve been here some time. I’ll show you the roads.”

And so she did. There didn’t seem to be much option.

Had anyone been there, they might have claimed they saw four flashing amber lights disappear into the night.


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