Kassidy M Kearey – Renegade Folk Hero
Kassidy M Kearey – Renegade Folk Hero

Random Lunchtime Rambles

Since I don’t have enough focus to write a proper blog entry right now (or most days, for that matter, judging from the lack of content on my blog), some random thoughts that came to me at lunch.

Musical Greeting Cards: While these can be amusing for all of 3 seconds, and I’m sure that some people must like receiving them, there surely must be an unwritten rule that states that it is unacceptable to stand in WHSmith and spend more than 5 minutes trying out as many as one can, especially if older than the age of 5 (let alone 40).

A-Paolini: A blurb in the front of a fantasy novel I was skipping through in Oxfam was written by Christopher Paolini  made me chuckle. “An epic coming-of-age fantasy novel” read to me as “one of my Xerox resources.” And before anyone jumps on me, I will clarify: I do not base my dislike of Eragon on the film, I base it on the first chapter of the book which was so abysmally dreadful as to dissuade me from entertaining the idea of wasting any more time on the series. I should applaud him though for being the first person to manage such a feat.

Christmas Decorations/Offers/Wrapping/Other: It’s October, for crying out loud!


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