Kassidy M Kearey – Renegade Folk Hero
Kassidy M Kearey – Renegade Folk Hero

Poem to Kass when times were hard.

Although we speak infrequently,

so heartfelt words don’t find your ears.

My thoughts fly to you through each day

to glide on silken wings to nest

on shoulders bowed and worried brow.

What thoughts they are of times gone by,

of smiling happiness, loving joy.

My heart, in contemplative mood, cries out

with joy at times together,

sharing laughter, sharing pleasure.


Fortunate I am to have

these wonderous moments in my head

to give me comfort on those nights

when my heart’s sad o’er your plight.

You will come through this rocky time

of this I’m certain, son of mine.

You will be stronger, wiser too

and life will take a brighter hue.

I wish you luck and hope that soon

a new tomorrow’ll beckon you.


With love D


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