Kassidy M Kearey – Renegade Folk Hero
Kassidy M Kearey – Renegade Folk Hero

I Don’t Have Time to Die

Another day arrives and fills me with that tiresome dread
Driving my hesitation and palpable trepidation to contemplate leaving behind sheets and bed
The weight that awaits to fall upon my shoulders, with each passing day a cycle older
All repeating and ending in why

The answer fleeing once more as I utter thoughts I can’t connect
For too tangled is the ball of yarn that roams my head, no matter how hard I pull the threads
Watching as I gaze back at myself through a mirror that such emptiness reflects
In the depths of the darkness and hollow in my eyes

Even this moment cannot last, for the clock is running fast
Not from poor configuration, maintenance, or lack of synchronization
The seconds, rather, have gained a need for speed, racing each other toward the past
Laughing as they pass me by

In spite of my desire to escape from the avalanche of life I contemplate
Not a breath can I take, too much to do, carrying those lives that aren’t my own
To fulfil promises made, the goal out of sight and the path winding and unknown
I don’t have time to die.


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